"As the Fitness & Wellness Director at Enchantment Resort/ Mii amo, I had the pure pleasure of inviting and enjoying Rebecca Sabine's performance at the resort this February 2016. She performed a for two nights with us. Her violin and spoken imagery meditation for our spa guests was a stellar event. It was Ahhhhhmazzzing! Rebecca's musical talent, soft and beautiful speaking voice, and overall angelic & charming aura, made it simple to receive her gifts of music, mediation, and peace. After the performance I felt like I had released every single bit of stress that I was carrying. Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your gifts with us. You are very talented and special! I look forward to next time!"

Danielle Fryer - RDN, CSCS

“Rebecca is an absolute ray of sunshine. Without question she is a gifted and immensely talented musician – what she has to share with the world is exceptional. I have no doubt her meditation offerings will transform each and every participant’s wellness profoundly.“

Kristi Konieczny - Founder at The Spa Buzz

"Thank you Rebecca Sabine for a beautiful Mother's Day meditation! It was nurturing, healing and empowering. I was dimensionally transported to most magical places during the meditation, including a place that resembled Japan not knowing that you have also infused the water with the Reiki energy. That was an amazing experience and again thank you!"

Anika Ray - Spiritual Coach

“If I had to describe my experience during Rebecca Sabine‘s meditation yesterday, it would most definitely be “Divine”. From the moment she began playing until those lingering moments after the last note was played, the only things that existed in my world were my heart, love, music, and Spirit… It’s truly one of the most powerful healings that I’ve experienced.”

Vanessa Sandoval - Energy Healer

"Rebecca I have been to your class now twice and the last time was on Mother’s Day. Both times my life has been transformed I had never been to a meditation class and yours being the first. Time has truly been inspirational, I went with my daughter and friends both times and I can not wait to return. I am a grief counselor and I have shared your class with so many others who are looking for growth in their life. Thank you for a true gift of the heart."

Dr. Beth Creel, Ph.D

By creating a luxurious cocoon of music, Rebecca Sabine’s Violin Sound Sanctuaries transport – and can help transform – the soul. Her sound meditations provide the space for respite and the renewing of spirit, body, and mind.

Shauna Walch - Executive Director, Stillpoint Center for Spiritual Renewal

"Through her beautiful sound meditations, Rebecca Sabine creates a magic that is unique, personal, and natural all in one. The music she plays soars and touches the heart while her thoughtfully spoken words spark and open the imagination to possibility. The experience leaves the listener transformed and enraptured in a mindful and positive state of being. Her work is genuine and truly special; she is amazing!"

Linda Duan - Violinist

"I instantly felt moved to tears. Your music is celestial."

Sabine Messner - Founder, Soul Purpose Branding

"Rebecca is really like being in the presence of an angel because you feel that everything she is presenting is divine. It’s very rare that you get to experience earth and heaven enmeshed so spot on. I have seen a piece of art, or read a enlightened book, and heard a voice that makes me feel the same way Rebecca does with her violin - it’s a masterpiece that my heart cannot forget."

Holly Davis - Counselor

"Rebecca's guided meditations and musical gifts combine to create a serene, healing, calming and ultimately restorative journey that is good for mind, body and soul. I recommend her classes or workshops for everyone."

Michele Madole - VP, Marketing & PR, Las Vegas Philharmonic