Meet Rebecca Sabine

Music Opens the Door to The Heart

“I believe that there is a healing power in meditating to live music… an experience takes a person into the unlimited domain of the heart. As Hans Christian Anderson said “Where words fail, music speaks.” My sound healing presentations are a synergy of my original violin music, spoken-word guided meditations inspired by the wonders of nature and spirit and the creative work of my amazing son, composer Aaron Ramsey.

For many years I have had a career as a professional violinist in Las Vegas, playing for Celine Dion, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra, Hugh Jackman and many others. Starting with my first solo album, I dreamed of performing my music and facilitating meditation in luxury spas. I had a feeling that, in the future, spas would become more than places to go for a beautifying facial or a massage, but also place to go for inner wellness.

A classical musician and member of the Las Vegas Philharmonic, I have also studied meditation and yoga most of my life. When my first recording came out, many people commented to me about the spiritual nature of my music. It seemed to me that I needed a quiet, contemplative, spa-like environment where people could hear me play live and up close.

People also wanted to know what I think about as a composer. This led me to creating meditation experiences where I guide the listener on a visionary journey both with music and the spoken word. It was the call of my soul. I had no idea how that was going to happen, but I began by collecting brochures of spas and just picturing myself there.

And now, life has begun to rise up and meet me in ways I never could have imagined. Over the past 3 years in my position as Violinist/Meditation Facilitator on the wellness team for Trilogy Spas, I have the rewarding experience of observing the heart-felt responses, the soulful transformations of the people who attend my Violin Meditation classes each weekend.

As I follow my calling, more and more exciting doors are opening!”

A Celebrity Master Violinist

“As a professional violinist in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, I have the unequalled experience of playing onstage with the greatest names in show business. I also feel that I am a living history, carrying with me the cherished memories of playing solo violin for Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Pavarotti, and many others who brought their artistry to this great city.”  

Writing My Own Music

Not far from my home in Las Vegas, I was hiking one day in Zion National Park, a natural sanctuary where art and nature intertwine. The spirit and the grandeur of the red sandstone cliffs, the ancient land of the Anasazi, inspired me to share, through my own violin music, that feeling of peace and spiritual connection to the earth.


I began composing for what was soon to become an award-winning album, The Stone Sanctuary, Silhouettes of Zion. Fresh new melodies immediately flowed out from within me, opening a channel of healing for others.

Hear Three Deer

from the album, The Stone Sanctuary, Silhouettes of Zion

Sound Healing

After The Stone Sanctuary, Silhouettes of Zion recording was completed, one of my first opportunities to perform this healing music was for the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Nevada on their Spa Day event. I was asked to lead a meditation as well, so, not only did I play my violin, but I added spoken words to the presentation, describing the canyons, sunlight and waterfalls with the meditation: Music From the Heart of Zion.

The experience was an illuminating, imaginative  journey for everyone, taking them away from their pain and distress. I continue to regularly volunteer for cancer patients’ support groups.

“I have witnessed the gentle power of Rebecca’s music to calm the mind and nourish the spirit.” –Liz Williams – President, OCAN