experience meditation with a master violinist

Violin sound sanctuary

When Rebecca begins to play, she and her violin become one… an instrument of Awakening Peace. A portal of sacred energy is opened, a sanctuary of sound vibrations is created, sending out waves of contentment deep into your consciousness. All worry and cares dissipate away, and the mind becomes free to connect with the inner peace of the universe.

Playing live music in spa wellness centers is an original concept that has grown from Rebecca’s life-long interest in spirituality, yoga and a natural gift for vibrational healing. She studies mindfullness through UCLA online courses and sits each year at silent retreats with master teacher Pujari and at Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center. A Reiki master, she is also a devotee of the Self Realization Fellowship teachings of Parmahansa Yoganada.


Rebecca enjoys sharing personal anecdotes from her unique perspective as a violinist playing onstage with world renowned entertainers. At the close of each Violin Sound Sanctuary meditation, she plays a special encore, selected from beloved melodies made famous by Bocelli, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, and many more.

Meditation in Concert

Although sound vibrations are easily recorded, the emotional and spiritual communication between the artist and the listener can only be experienced in person and in real time. That is when the magic, the spontaneity, the creativity happens. In these times of great stress, it is essential for people to be nurtured by the gentle, healing power of live music.