The Violin Whisperer
Instrument of Awakening Peace

“…gently whispered visualizations… 

a threshold to awakening and peace” 

Organic Spa Magazine

Welcome to my website! I am excited to introduce you to my Violin Sound Sanctuary! The majesty of the violin, the mystery of the music, and intuitively guided visualizations of nature create an easily accessed state of deep relaxation and mindful awareness. Each Violin Sound Sanctuary class is a one-of-a-kind experience – profoundly transforming the environment and the people in it. Bringing people to a higher state of mind, a new state of being with lasting impact.

As you explore the site, I invite you to listen to the music, learn about my journey and experience the Violin Sound Sanctuary, my unique wellness synergy of music and meditation.

Hear My Music

Waves of Contentment

from the album: Sea of Light



"..über-relaxing violin meditation... vibrations and spoken visualizations to calm..”

Shape Magazine

"Music that causes the soul to flow into higher realms of beingness and Spirit”

Dr. Paul Leon Masters - Founder of the International Metaphysical Ministry University of Metaphysics and University of Sedona

“Album of peaceful awakenings for mankind”

J. Lovins - Amazon Reviewer