Rebecca Sabine offers a mindful musical guided meditation experience like no other with her Violin Sound Sanctuary. The calming vibrations of the violin, along with her gently spoken visualizations, provide stress relief and an easily accessed state of deep relaxation and mindfulness. As a concert violinist and award-winning composer, playing live music in wellness centers is an original concept that has grown from her life-long interest in spirituality, yoga and a natural gift for vibrational healing.

With the restful recorded sounds of wind chimes, drones and ocean waves playing in the background, Rebecca uses her intuitive musical artistry to create an improvised piece, inspired by the moment. Her recordings of The Stone Sanctuary and the music of Aaron Ramsey, composer of the Sea of Light CD, provide an uplifting musical accompaniment to the Violin Sound Healings and meditation.

I enjoy bringing a comfortable, memorable and transformative experience of meditation to men and women of all walks of life with my Violin Sound Sanctuary.
I love creating the visualizations and then, as I play my violin, filling the space with wonderful tones. I often see people who are feeling scattered and telling me that they can’t get their minds to slow down. But… when the hour long session is finished… they open their eyes and, coming from a place of deep calm, look at the world with the serenity of a newborn baby seeing the world for the first time.

-Rebecca Sabine