“…gently whispered visualizations… 

a threshold to awakening and peace” 

Organic Spa Magazine

The Violin Whisperer

Instrument of Heroic Peace

Hear her music

Love flows like water.

It is always on the way.

Open yourself to feel it’s refreshment.

Rebecca Sabine

Rest & Envision

Rebecca Sabine offers a musical guided meditation experience like no other with her Violin Sound Sanctuaries. The calming vibrations of the violin, along with her gently spoken visualizations, provide stress relief and an easily accessed state of deep relaxation and mindfulness.

“Listening to this crystal purity inspirational meditation and music makes my spirit soar. Thanks you for sharing the essence of WHO you are with your grateful listeners”

Cathy D.



“Music that causes the soul to flow into higher realms of beingness and Spirit”

Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Founder, University of Metaphysics and University of Sedona

"Through her beautiful sound meditations, Rebecca Sabine creates a magic that is unique, personal, and natural all in one. The music she plays soars and touches the heart while her thoughtfully spoken words spark and open the imagination to possibility. The experience leaves the listener transformed and enraptured in a mindful and positive state of being. Her work is genuine and truly special; she is amazing!"

Linda Duan, Violinist

"Rebecca is really like being in the presence of an angel because you feel that everything she is presenting is divine. It’s very rare that you get to experience earth and heaven enmeshed so spot on. I have seen a piece of art, or read a enlightened book, and heard a voice that makes me feel the same way Rebecca does with her violin - it’s a masterpiece that my heart cannot forget."

Holly Davis, Counselor